If you are searching for high-quality recreation in New Zealand, sports betting can be one of the best choices. Even if you aren’t a lucky bettor or don’t have tons to spend on leisure bets, you still stand the best hope to win tons easily.

For this, it certainly requires the best betting agent to assist you in making perfect choices and bets. However, choosing an agent or online betting hub isn’t so easy as strict gambling rules reign the legalization in prime localities like Wellington. Check out the following sources that are most popular but the ones to look out for safe betting.

Local sports bookies

Since international betting is only allowed, betting with land-based agents for a large sum is an illegal channel. Though the individual agent or sports bookie can conduct betting as per the specified limitations, you can’t deal for more than $500.

Ensure the sportsbooks you are approaching are registered for the prohibition limit, or else try to refrain from the local sources. Even if the bookie is situated away from Wellington, the bets would be illegal under Section 9(2)(b) remote gambling prohibition.

Local restaurant casinos

Casinos supporting sports bets fall under the gambling societies holding the authority to conduct sports bets and gaming deals up to $5000 maximum. However, if your casino isn’t in Wellington but elsewhere in New Zealand and communicates through remote channels, the bets would fall under the illegal cover.

Local restaurant casinos

Remote communication includes telephonic calls, chats, and e-mails discussing or exchanging money through the wire. This type of remote betting is also restricted under Section 9(2)(b) of the act.

Watch out for the posted advertisements

For the safest betting, New Zealand permits access to international online betting sites complying with the rules and the local online sites if Act 2003 authorizes them with license. We generally depend on ads to search casinos, land on their websites or get the sportsbook’s contact details.

However, Gambling Act also prohibits advertising of overseas gambling and betting agents located outside New Zealand as they can easily divert many people to bet. Since no certified international betting ring would start an ad campaign in Wellington or anywhere in NZ, you should refrain from the ones advertising to attract the players.

How is illegal betting handled in New Zealand?

Though you select the most popular bookies or the best international sites, you can get into real trouble if the specifications of the Gambling Act 2003 don’t acknowledge them. Illegal betting cases have become pinpointed cases in New Zealand that no longer take a dragging time-pass to catch the convicts.

The money transactions and the reward amounts are strictly checked if they are compliant with gambling rules to ensure legality. If anyone accidentally falls for any bogus site, the law can straightaway punish them with a humongous fine of up to $10,000!

In dire cases, the bettors might also lose their gambling authority in other betting rings and gaming sites. Thus, before registering and placing bets, you should always check the privacy policies and ensure their gambling licenses.

How Can You Safely Bet on Sports in Wellington, New Zealand?

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