Sports betting is one of the oldest gambling games that isn’t new to any country. With time, the global betting rates have relatively shot up, no longer hindering anyone in placing bets. However, if you are in Wellington, NZ, placing bets on locally popular games is the best to enjoy the deals and win a lump sum in no time. As you might find several sources to start betting, check out the following games that can be of great interest!



The national game of NZ, rugby, is played in several variations that are quite famous in various parts of the country. Commonly called the Rugby Union or League, this team sport is played by men and women alike, and the country represents both internationally.

There are several national competitions for kiwis like Super Rugby, Mitre 10, or Hartland Championship, active throughout the year since the game wagers a lot of attention and popularity.

Apart from the zeal, this small country also participates in Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cups (men’s team currently ranks second after South Africa and women’s ranks second after England in the global comparison), and Olympics where rugby is a mandatory game.

If you are a New Zealander or settled there for long, you might be familiar with the revving craze of rugby kiwis and their famous haka dance to ensure your odds on betting for profits!

International sports

Tournaments for football, cricket, boxing, or tennis generally include participation from every country, and the sporty kiwis are not behind in any. Whether BlackCaps cricketers or All Whites soccer stars, they are a tough fight in several world championships ranking NZ in the top-tier of global rankings.

The international participation and corresponding development of unions and fan following around the country have made these sports common for betting deals. The best seasons of world championships or tournament cups certainly ensure you can bet on multiple games throughout the year.

Mountain bike

New Zealand is a world-famous destination for track cyclists and mountain bikers. With countless natural trails and training clubs around Wellington, cycling and biking soon became a part of road racing tournaments. From smooth track cycling to rough terrains’ challenging rides, you can find many local races and competitions to bet on.


Mountain bike

With evolving NBA’s Basketball craze, Net Ball also gained fair popularity worldwide. Though the game doesn’t have a strong international recognition, New Zealand seems to cherish it a lot. This simple form of basketball with rules somewhat similar is preferred mostly among women players.

Apart from the national women’s Net Ball team, the Silver Ferns playing in Commonwealth games, you can also find several national tournaments to bet around the year. They can easily fill up your gap in the off-seasons of other games.

Horse racing

One of the oldest sports for every gambler’s bet, this one’s still ruling modern 21st-century betting. NZ Derby races and similar are conducted for both thoroughbred and standardbred types along with other local competitions in well-known racecourses. Both national and international pacers participate, and games are conducted according to the earlier rules and terms, ensuring the vintage thrill is intact.

Different Sports You Can Place Bets in Wellington, New Zealand

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