Cornish Street


Cornish Street (Mill Stream)


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Gentle stroll from Petone to the Korokoro Dam.




Bike and Foot


A pleasant and gentle single track that follows the Korokoro stream from Petone up to the disused Korokoro Dam. The track more-or-less follows, and is often directly built upon, the pipe that used to deliver water from the dam to Petone and beyond. There is a smaller dam along the way to the upper dam.

Some sections of track are narrow with a near-vertical drop to the stream, so some caution is advised.

The track is popular with walkers, though in many places there is no room to pass and there are many blind corners, so a sedate pace would be in order.

Getting there

The track starts at the end of Cornish Street, Petone. Either return the same way, or take one of the more difficult climbs that will take you further into the Belmont Regional Park – such as Baked Beans Bend, Oakleigh West, or Korokoro Dam.

This track is also used as an exit from the Belmont Regional Park, usually via Belmont Trig South and Baked Beans Bend.

Other notes

The upper dam is almost completely filled with soft, deep silt such that there is only about 0.5m of water behind the dam.




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