Kime Hut


Kime Hut


Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand


Part of the Southern Crossing across the Tararua ranges






This track continues the Southern Crossing from Otaki Forks via Field Hut towards the Wairarapa. Whilst the route up to Field Hut was reasonable gentle, if you are continuing on to Kime Hut (and beyond) you need proper tramping boots and equipment. The reward is superb views on a fine day.

From Field Hut continue on upwards for about 30 minutes where you emerge on Table Top at about 1000 metres. This is a relatively flat area with good track and boardwalks across boggy areas of tundra. You are now above the bush level and in the open, and when it snows in winter this can be a fun place! Midway along Table Top is a junction and signpost to Penn Creek. This return route to Otaki Forks is a "route" only, there are slips on the route and walking through Otaki River - DOC advises against using Penn Creek track (unless you are an experienced tramper).

The track now continues to ascend first up Dennan. There is a relatively flat stretch of track at around 1200 metres, and then the ascent continues up to Hut Mound at about 1400 metres. You will pass the signposted junction to Maungahuka Hut which is up the central ranges, and at the top of Hut Mound is a signpost down to Kime Hut which is a few minutes below the top of the mound. Allow 2 hours for the walk from Field Hut to Kime Hut, and be prepared for a 550 metre ascent. The Maungahuka junction is about 1 hour past the Penn Creek junction.

Whilst it can be pleasant on this track in summer, in winter the area is often covered in snow and ice and proper tramping gear is required. The track is very well marked with stones and poles in the higher places. However, even experienced trampers can run in to trouble in winter (Seddington) so take care.

If you are staying overnight at Kime Hut note that the hut has no heating, so it can be VERY cold in winter, and even in summer! It has 20 bunks, and requires 1 DOC hut ticket.

Mt Hector is about 1 hour further on.

Table Top, 1000 m Table Top

View north from Hut Mound to Dennan and Table Top Dennan

Kime Hut, 1400 m Kime Hut

Getting there

Continue the Southern Crossing route from Field Hut from Otaki Forks.




Single track


gain540m loss20m begin860m end1400m

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