Leaping Lizard


Leaping Lizard


Makara Peak, Wellington, New Zealand


Swoopy ridge romp with plenty of jumps.




Bike and Foot


The first third of this track is smooth and fast, heading straight down a ridge, with plenty of jumps for the thrill seekers. All of the jumps can be rolled over, if you prefer.

The track changes as you leave the ridge, carving through manuka and then down to a grassy valley. Parts of this section are steep, rocky, and generally gnarly. At the base of the valley you'll cross a small stream. There's no bridge over the stream, but it is easy to cross without getting wet.

The official exit is via a tough climb and then steep descent over a ridge. This route includes fording Karori Stream, which will likely involve getting wet feet. Less than 0.1km after Karori Stream you'll reach South Karori Road.

Alternatively, just past the small stream crossing turn left up the initially mellow valley. Then climb up Possum Bait Line and along Nikau Valley to meet Missing Link – though this is by no means an easier option.

Getting there

Starts on Tower 16 Connector, opposite the bottom of Upper Leaping Lizard.

Ends on South Karori Road, about 2km from Makara Peak's main car park.




Single track

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