Maidstone DH


Maidstone DH


Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand


Downhill MTB track from Maidstone Ridgeline to Maidstone Park.




Bike (Under construction)


This is a purpose-built downhill track, complete with: jumps, tabletops, drops, gaps, chutes, big berms, and wooden structures.

The track builders have focussed on making it a skill based track for everyone to develop the skill needed for downhill racing. Therefore, there are nana lines around all things nasty and most jumps are rollable. Nonetheless, this is a steep and gnarly track, with substantial jumps and drops – tackle it with due care.

Some of the features have adopted names, like: Top jump, Mini Double, Ladda Splat, The triple t (which is a table top that has 3 different sized jumps on it), Wild Drop, and The Rockstar.

Towards the bottom there's an extremely steep chute that takes a direct path straight down the hill. The main track takes a much longer zigzag path, crossing the chute along the way and rejoining just before a wooden drop on to the grass park area.

At the bottom, after cruising along a flat section adjacent to the forest edge, there are two alternative paths:

The left-hand path goes up and then down a wooden ramp.

The right-hand path drops off the end of a wooden structure.

The main track, excluding the extremely steep chute shortcut, is 1.10km long, having dropped about 90m from the top of the ridge.

Getting there

Top is on Maidstone Ridgeline, behind a picnic table about 50m up from the top of Maidstone West.

If you don't have the luxury of a shuttle then park your car on Park Road, and bike up King Charles Drive and to the very end of Seymour Grove, and into Maidstone Ridgeline; the ride while initially steep will only take a few minutes, and will avoid the dozens of steps found if you travel up Maidstone East/West tracks.

Bottom is next to the Pétanque piste, near the bottom of Maidstone West.

Other notes

As of early 2010 this track is being re-constructed after the top section was messed up by logging in mid-2008. For updates on the construction process, see Latest news on Maidstone Downhill rebuild.




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loss96m begin161m end65m

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