Maidstone Ridgeline


Maidstone Ridgeline


Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand


Rumble along the ridge above Maidstone Park.




Bike and Foot


This track provides access to the top of Maidstone DH. There's a vehicle turnaround area at the eastern end of this track, perfect for shuttling bikes up to near the top of the ridge.

From the drop-off point cruise up the gravel road, around the rim of a wall next to a water reservoir, and then up to the Brett Latimer Lookout. After that, the track is mostly downhill to a sharp right-hand corner – the road continues down the hill, but the main event is the start of Maidstone DH which is immediately behind a picnic table on the outside of the corner.

Most of this track follows the gravel road that runs along the ridge overlooking Maidstone Park. However, there are a few deviations that have been specifically built for bikes. These deviations include jumps and drops, providing a warm up for Maidstone DH.

Getting there

Eastern end is at the top of an extension road off the end of Seymour Grove. There's room to turn around a vehicle that could be, say, running shuttles.

Western end drops sharply down the hill parallel with the top section of Maidstone DH.




Double track

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