Makara Peak, Wellington, New Zealand


Weaving track through a mellow valley under mature forest.




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This track is a continuation of a project to build an easier route down from the summit of Makara Peak. The first, and main, part of that plan to be constructed was the North Face track – which was opened in early 2010.

Most of this track is under mature forest, though the AMP Connector end is through a variety of prickly plants including the ubiquitous gorse and barberry along with the more unusual (for this area) stinging nettle.

There are four sweeping switchbacks that wind down a fairly mellow valley, following by a run out of the valley that is parallel with Ridgeline Extension for the last 50m or so.

Video of the trail

Getting there

Start is on the Allington Connector. Currently this appears to be in the middle of nowhere, but the plan is that it will continue on from an as-yet unpiloted track that connects from the bottom of North Face. In the meantime, cruise down 0.16km of the Allington Connector from the bottom of North Face.

Ends at the top of AMP Connector, next to the picnic tables at the intersection with Ridgeline Extension.

Other notes

Under construction. This track was mostly piloted on 28 December 2009, the rest was piloted on 13 February 2010, and the track was fully rideable from 17 April 2010.

The track's name is derived from the haul of exotic plants that Wellington City Council have occasionally removed from the valley.




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