Barton's Bush


Barton's Bush


Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand


Gentle wander through one of the last remaining stands of native bush in the Hutt Valley.




Bike and Foot


Barton's Bush is part of the Trentham Memorial Park. It is the remnants of the native forest that once largely filled the upper Hutt Valley, consisting now mainly of mature Tawa.

The tracks through the bush are wide and essentially flat, apart from a couple of small dips (which are fun to swoop down and then up the other side). Presumably in an attempt to protect the bush, the tracks are lined on both sides with a chicken wire fence – providing somewhat of an artificial feel to an otherwise pleasantly shady spot.

Getting there

There are four entrances, as shown on the map, accessible from the sealed paths that go around most of the bush (except for the northern side, between Holdsworth Avenue and the northwest entrance). That is:

Just off the end of Holdsworth Avenue, next to the steel barrier gate.

A playground off Brentwood Street. The track from the playground goes through a small satellite stand of bush and is initially not well formed. However, it soon crosses a sealed path and then enters the main stand of bush.

Southwest entrance, next to the cricket pitch.

Northwest entrance, just over a flood stop bank from the Moonshine section of the Hutt River Trail.




Double track

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