Deep Bay


Deep Bay


Oban, Stewart Island, New Zealand


A round trip combining several short tracks within easy walking distance of Oban township






This route combines several short walks starting and ending from central Oban township.

Beginning from the waterfront on Elgin Terrace, walk up Ayr Street, turn right into Dundee Street and about 100 metres on the left the Fuschia Walk is signposted. This is a short walk through native bush, which emerges at the bottom end of Traill Park sports field. The Raroa walk continues from the other side of this park, but instead take a diversion by walking up Golden Bay Road and turning left in to Leonard St. About 200 metres up Leonard St is a short pathway to Observation Rock where you can get good views over Golden Bay to Ulva Island.

Return down Leonard St, cross Golden Bay Road and enter Traill Park. The Raroa walk is signposted from the far corner of the field. This is another walk through native bush to Watercress Bay/Thule Road. When you emerge on Thule Road walk back towards Oban, and after about 400 metres on the right the Deep Bay walk is signposted. This is about 2 km long coastal walk through bush.

When you emerge at Petersons Hill Road you can return to Oban, or continue down Deep Bay Road towards the coast to visit Reverend Wohlers monument which is about 1 km away. The last part of this walk is across private land, but is well signposted and has styles to cross the fence. The stone cross is on the hill overlooking the coast and there are views over Ringaringa beach. Return to Petersons Hill Road and follow it back in to the centre of Oban.

Although there is some walking on roads, there are few cars on Stewart Island. The bush walks are good gravel paths with steps, which are not muddy and special footwear is not required. Allow about 3 hours for the round trip.

Oban beach front Oban beach front

View of Iona Island from Observation Rock Iona Island

Reverend Wohlers monument Wohlers monument

Getting there

Walking from the centre of Oban.

Other notes

Bicycles ok on the roads but not on the bush walks (Fuschia, Raroa, Deep Bay).




Double track


gain77m loss77m begin1m end1m

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