Jail Brake


Jail Brake


Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand


Downhill-only track with a steep gradient, jumps, and big bermed corners.


Expert : Considered an 'expert' track on XC scale; 'intermediate' for DH tracks


Bike : Not suitable for walkers


This is a steep downhill track that flows down a narrow valley on the western side of the Maupuia Reserve. It is designed to be fun on 5-6 inch trail bikes but can be ridden on a hard-tail or a 8 inch DH rig (although you'll have to work for it a bit more). It can be shuttled easily with sealed road access at both the top and bottom. If you do shuttle it please stick to this track and do not ride down Bootleg / Conviction.

Along the way there are several jumps and various other features including rock drops. The main line of the track is largely complete (although tweaking continues). However the wet winter has not been kind and there is a on going work to fortify the track against nature's worst.

All jumps can be rolled and there are easy lines around drops. Some jumps do may still require some commitment to negotiate successfully. About 2/3rds of the way down there is a substantial rock drop. Riders should take the easy line to the left until they have checked it out.

The berms and associated descents are cut into clay which becomes extremely slippery after rain and it remains that way for a long time. The top of the track is generally dryer than the middle so you're committed by the time you realise it's unridable. Much sliding on your posterior can ensue.

The design goal of this track is that a competent cross country rider will be able to have a lot of fun on the track while more advanced riders will be able to shred it.

The entire track is under regenerating bush, providing a sense of splendid isolation – until the track suddenly emerges back into civilisation on Miramar North Road.

Getting there

Top is on the water tank access road, about 100m beyond the concrete blocks off Main Road (where Bootleg ends). Look for the signpost on the left, just before the access road opens out into a broad paved area (the pump track will be on your right).

Bottom is on Miramar North Road, between a bus shelter and a small building designated as the "Miramar North Water Pump Station", opposite the northwest corner of Centennial Park. Wander along Darlington Road to find the bottom of Conviction or go straight into Repeat Offender which starts from just before the end of the track and takes you across to near the start of Conviction.

Other notes

Under construction. See the Miramar Track Project discussion on Vorb or Facebook for details of track building sessions. That said there are substantial trail improvements (flow and feature) + drainage work to be completed.

Please consider the track as very much a work in progress and be aware the track may have altered since your last ride.

The track shown on the map is a bit rough, for a couple of reasons:

Parts of the track are likely to change as construction proceeds, and

GPS reception in the area is poor, due to the track being in a valley on the southerly side of a steep hill.




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