Cave Bay


Cave Bay


Hawkins Hill, Wellington, New Zealand


Continuation of southern coastline track from Karori Rock




Bike and Foot


The 4WD coastline track continues from Karori Rock west towards Cable Bay. The track gets rougher making cycling more difficult - it may be easier to stow the bike behind a bush and walk. The area is still popular with 4WD vehicles, mainly fishermen, and on a fine weekend you are unlikely to be alone even in this remote spot.

There is the occasional stream crossing on the coastal track, but the water is rarely more than a few centimetres deep.

You can follow the coastline all the way to Cable Bay, where you must then go inland. However, I have only mapped a few kilometres further from Karori Rock, finishing about 12.5 km from the car park in Owhiro Bay parade. Beyond this point it will be easier to progress on foot.

Coastal track east of Karori Rock

Getting there

Park in the car park at the end of Owhiro Bay parade and walk or cycle from there.

Other notes

Watch out for 4WD vehicles.




Gravel road

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