Highbury Fling


Highbury Fling


Polhill, Wellington, New Zealand


Gentle connection between Fenceline, just above George Denton Park, and Ashton Fitchett Drive.




Bike and Foot


This two-way, dual-use, track was built to enhance bike access through Polhill Reserve along with Transient).

The track broadly follows the contours around the top of Polhill Reserve, producing an overall gentle gradient up from the northern end though with some somewhat steeper undulations along the way.

About 0.2km from the northern end the track crosses Dopers. At around the halfway point there is a side track that goes to a lookout.

Most of the track is under mature forest, providing a sense of isolation even though the track would have spectacular views over Wellington if not for the trees in the way. However, the views can be seen from a couple of places: the lookout and a short clearing towards the southern end (where the power lines pass over head).

The southern 100m of the track coincides with Transient. Alternatively, towards the southern end, turn up the short, steep connection to Sawmill or go down a short connector to the main part of Transient.

Getting there

Northern end is on Fenceline, at the bottom of the Roller Coaster, just above George Denton Park.

Southern end is on Aston Fitchett Drive, next to a long flight of steps just below the wind turbine access road.




Single track

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