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Korokoro, Wellington, New Zealand


Steep route linking the Puketirotiro lookout track to Korokoro stream






There are few linkages between the Korokoro stream Cornish Street and the walking tracks in the hills of Korokoro. This track does just that - branching off beside a bridge on the Cornish Street track and going up through the bush to emerge on the Puketirotiro lookout track.

This is a route! It is not a well formed track. There are no steps and no hand-rails. It is steep and slippery after wet weather (tree roots are a menace). Near the top you may get pricked with chest high gorse and in places you will need to grasp hold of the trees to avoid sliding down. Follow the blue markers and you won't lose your way, but this is not for family outings. It falls into the category of possum hunter trails. It is a marked route but it is tough going. Wear long trousers and gloves and take your time. It is actually easier going up than down (except for the 180 metre climb!).

The track isn't marked at either end. The photos below show the entrance points. The easiest one to find is at the top. From Titiro Moana Road walk up the marked route towards Puketirotiro lookout. As you pass the house there is a sign on the track with arrows showing Titiro Moana Road and Puketirotiro Lookout "up the hill". Take the rough track behind the sign that leads west towards the Korokoro stream. It gets rough from this point.

It is harder to find the track leading uphill from Korokoro stream. See photo below. The track goes uphill from beside bridge BE1 1 0 1 10- the only one over the main stream between the Mill dam and the fallen pines at the Forks -there is no other indication or signpost. There are markers along the track so once you've found it you shouldn't lose the trail.

The track is only about 600 metres long, but is a 180 metre climb/descent, and you should allow 20 - 30 minutes to complete it. Whilst there is a potential to do a loop walk from Titiro Moana Road to Puketirotiro lookout, down to Korokoro stream and Cornish Street, back up Millworkers Track and then through Korokoro streets back to Titiro Moana Road, it is quite a long round trip.

Start of track from Puketirotiro lookout track Puketirotiro start

Track start from bridge over Korokoro stream from Cornish Street Stream start

Getting there

Either park at Cornish Street and walk in, or park on Titiro Moana Road in Korokoro and start on the Puketirotiro lookout walk.

Other notes

Don't even think about attempting to cycle this.




Single track


gain182m begin32m end214m

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