Polhill, Wellington, New Zealand


New, mountain bike friendly, track through Polhill Reserve from Aro Valley to Highbury Fling and hence Ashton Fitchett Drive.




Bike and Foot


This two-way track was built to enhance bike access through Polhill Reserve along with Highbury Fling. This track greatly improves on the old, and very steep, Durham Street walking track that provides access to two radio antenna and joins up with the 4WD road off the end of Durham Street.

From Aro Street the track heads up a deep valley at a pleasant gradient â€" overall the track has an average gradient of 6%. There are a couple of zig-zag sections, one of which has an almost cliff-like side slope. Most of the track has been well gravelled, providing a firm surface. The design includes plenty of little dips and bumps to keep things interesting.

The track emerges from the valley then continues up a ridge past a power pylon, coinciding with Durham Street for 125m. Just before Durham Street curves around to the east, this track heads back into the bush just past a moderately large tree.

About 340m after deviating off Durham Street there is a connection to Karepa. The main track continues up the valley, zig-zagging a couple of times before emerging onto a ridge.

The track then meanders all the way up to meet Highbury Fling and Ashton Fitchett Drive. Near the top there is a long flight of steps that connects directly to Ashton Fitchett Drive. About 200m further along, the main track turns sharply to the left and then continues through to Ashton Fitchett Drive â€" alternatively, continue straight ahead along a short connection to Highbury Fling.

Getting there

Bottom end is in a small park near the top of Aro Street, just down from the bottom of Planet Ride. Head up to the top of the grassy area next to a culvert. After a few metres there's an old track on the left that heads very steeply up the hill (via a set of crude steps cut into the dirt) â€" that section has been superseded by this track, which heads up the valley to the right.

Top is on Ashton Fitchett Drive, coinciding with Highbury Fling for the last 100m.

Other notes

The top 20% of this track includes parts of what used to be Planet Ride (which was shortened to now end where it meets Transient).




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