ECNZ pylon road


ECNZ pylon road


Wainuiomata, Wellington, New Zealand


This is a 4x4 road that runs the length of the Wainuiomata hills through to the hills above Stokes Valley, apart from a section in the middle which crosses private property (which can be bypassed via Mount Ken).




Bike and Foot


This road is a popular route for a variety of recreational users. It is primarily of interest because it provides access to a variety of tracks that branch off it, including tracks in the Wainuiomata trail project, Wainuiomata, and Hutt Valley areas.

Some parts of the road are quite steep, but the surface is maintained in good condition which makes the climbs a bit easier than they would be on a single track.

Heading north from Mount Fitzherbert (where there is a cluster of communications towers) the road drops down a narrow 4wd track. After about 0.5km the road forks. The western fork is Mount Ken, which continues along the rolling ridgeline. The eastern fork drops down into Moores Valley, crossing private property along the way. To rejoin the northern part of this track, take the Mount Ken track rather than dropping into the valley.

Similarly, heading south there is a fork in the road about 0.8km before reaching the summit of Mount Ken. Take the northwestern road, which is the other end of the Mount Ken track, rather than dropping into Moores Valley.

The road was built to provide access to the high voltage transmission line that runs along the ridge – originally owned by the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand, hence the track's name. A couple of prominent communications towers on the peaks also attract some service vehicle traffic.

Getting there

The southwestern end is a steel barrier at the top of the Wainuiomata Road saddle.

The northeastern end is at an intersection with Wheeler's Way, about 0.6km south of a large clearing at the top of Kingsley and Pinehaven Ridge.

Other notes

The road has a fair bit of traffic, being regularly used by service vehicles, horse riders, walkers, runners, and mountain bikers.





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