Live Wires


Live Wires


Makara Peak, Wellington, New Zealand


An interesting little track connecting the Skills Area with the lower part of Koru.




Bike and Foot


This is a gnarly, downhill-only track that includes some wooden structures (near the top, just below the Skills Area), tight corners, rough surface, and a generally steep and technical descent. The track surface is a mixture of bare dirt and rocks, which is especially interesting when wet.

About 350m from the top, the track splits into advanced (left) and intermediate (right) alternatives. The advanced option has an especially steep and usually deeply rutted drop down to rejoin the main track 200m down the hill.

There is also a connection to/from Koru, about 0.15km from the top on the apex of a tight switchback. This connection is only 50m long, meeting Koru at a sweeping left-hand corner.

Through the Skills Area and down Live Wires (including advanced section)

Getting there

The top of the track is on the south-eastern side of the Skills Area.

The bottom end of the track is on Koru, just above where the 'Wet feet' alternative joins the main track.

Other notes

The track length counts the main track and the difficult alternative.




Single track

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