Truscott South


Truscott South


Ngaio, Wellington, New Zealand


Southern section of a steep walking track through Johnsonville Park between Truscott Avenue and Kau Kau.






This is a steep walking track through Johnsonville Park between Truscott Avenue and Kau Kau. Along the way there are many flights of stairs – about 500 steps in total. For most of the way the gradient averages around 25%, though the bottom 0.2km is more gentle.

Much of the track is quite narrow and in places it is not well formed. In particular, at around the halfway point the track passes under a bunch of old pine trees that have lots of exposed roots running down the steep slope, making for a precarious section. In addition, many of the steps are awkward, being either designed for pixie feet or degraded by wear.

Near the bottom end, the track passes through a damp valley that is full of moss-covered rocks. It then runs below some houses that are on the Johnsonville side of the disjointed John Sims Drive, before emerging on to a driveway and then out on to Truscott Avenue.

Getting there

Bottom is at the end of Truscott Avenue. Head up the driveway towards 67 Truscott Avenue, off the parking area.

The top of this track meets Kau Kau at a sign-posted T-intersection.

Other notes

There is plenty of parking at the end of Truscott Avenue.

This track is sign-posted as "Circular Track". A circuit that goes up Truscott North, along 0.5km of Kau Kau and then down this track makes for a good walk – or do the circuit in the reverse order, heading up this track first, for a more strenuous workout.




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