Truscott North


Truscott North


Ngaio, Wellington, New Zealand


Northern section of a steep walking track through Johnsonville Park between Truscott Avenue and Kau Kau.






This is a steep walking track that includes about 200 steps (mostly towards the top of the track). It heads up a bush clad valley through Johnsonville Park to meet Kau Kau on a ridge overlooking Johnsonville and Ohariu valley.

The bottom section of track is wide and fairly gentle. There's a picnic area in the valley just off the main track, which also includes a short loop that leads back out to the open grassy area less than 20m from where the main track enters the bush.

As the track heads up the hill, it gets narrower and soon turns into a series of wooden step sections connected by moderately graded slopes.

Just 40m from the top there is the entrance to a tunnel that provided an outlet for the water reservoir that is located on the other side of the ridge. The tunnel was hewn out of solid rock. At the top, look directly opposite the intersection with Kau Kau to see the old water supply dam and pump for the defunct Onslow County Borough. There is a short and rather precarious track down to the reservoir.

Getting there

Bottom is at the end of Truscott Avenue. Head across the open grassy area to the western corner of the park.

The top of this track meets Kau Kau at a sign-posted T-intersection.

Other notes

There is plenty of parking at the end of Truscott Avenue.

This track is sign-posted as "Circular Track". A circuit that goes up this track, along 0.5km of Kau Kau and then down Truscott South makes for a good walk – or do the circuit in the reverse order for a more strenuous workout.




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