Jollife Saddle


Jollife Saddle


Hanmer Township, Hanmer, New Zealand


Intermediate MTB Track that can easily be part of a loop of tracks in the area.






This track is bi-directional, and can be riden on its own, or as part of a chain of tracks. When riden north from the saddle you can then go on to do Detox or Dog stream. If riden south from the head of Mcintyre Road then you can link into Red Rock which is a similar grade track.

Getting there

If riding to the North then ride up Jollife Road to the Saddle and then head up to the start of the track. If riding to the south then either head up Dog Stream and carry on around the corner at the top where the picnic spot is instead of crossing the bridge, or ride up McIntyre Road to the picnic spot and cross the bridge turning right and up over the Jollife Track.

Other notes

With respect to the Hanmer MTB Club who's only source of income is Sales of their fantastic Trail Maps, There are no GPS file loaded for these tracks, just desriptions. Please purchase a map from the Bike Shop in Hanmer when you visit to support this worthy cause


Double track

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