Jacks Pass Jollie Pass loop


Jacks Pass Jollie Pass loop


Hanmer Township, Hanmer, New Zealand


This is a Gravel Road loop that can be ridden in either direction. No technical skill needed, just good fitness to climb the hills! Ideal for all novice ridrs with a good level of fitness.




Bike and Foot


Ideal for novice riders with a bit of fitness who like to ride a longer distance through some stunning terrain. The road climbs to the top of Jacks Pass, then drops down to the river valley. Follows the river for a while before returning over the Jollies Pass Road back into Hanmer.

Getting there

From the center of Hanmer Township, take the Jacks Pass Road, and follow your nose. The road climbs to the top of Jacks Pass, then drops down to the river valley. At the intersection turn right, and ride untill you coime the the Jollies Pass Road sign and turn right. The road climbs to the top of Jollies Pass, then there is a nice long drop back into Hanmer to where you started from!

Other notes

With respect to the Hanmer MTB Club who's only source of income is Sales of their fantastic Trail Maps, There are no GPS file loaded for these tracks, just desriptions. Please purchase a map from the Bike Shop in Hanmer when you visit to support this worthy cause


Gravel road


gain620m loss620m begin375m end375m Big Up, Small Down, Small Up, Big down!

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