Woodburn Reserve


Woodburn Reserve


Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand


Bush walk between Woodburn Drive and Bing Lucas Drive




Bike and Foot


This is a pleasant track on the northern side of Woodburn Drive, with some linking tracks to Bing Lucas Drive. Houses are still being developed in this area which may affect some of the link tracks in the future. Some of the track are old 4WD routes and are wide.

The start of the track at the bottom of Woodburn Drive requires crossing a small stream, and can be wet and muddy after rain. Some stepping stones have been thoughtfully placed to help, but there is no bridge at the moment so you may get your feet wet. Instead, you can follow the pipeline which means jumping a small (but deep) stream and crossing the fence to meet the road - this route is drier but not the way you are supposed to go.

There are two entrances from Bing Lucas drive, and a third off a no-exit road also on Bing Lucas drive. The lower entrance is a 4WD track that has a small patch of asphalt next to a private driveway leading to a newly built house. The descent to the main track is quite steep. For the upper entrance, cyclists and pedestrians are permitted access down the sealed private road near the end of Bing Lucas Drive. The Woodburn Reserve is marked, but from the Bing Lucas Drive entrance there is a strip of grass descending STEEPLY to the main Woodburn Reserve track. Hold on to the fenceposts as you go downhill!

There is a new loop on the southern side that is still being developed. The lower half is a good wide grassy track, but the upper portion that goes through the bush is still being formed and care is needed to avoid slipping down the hillside.

Woodburn Reserve sign

Getting there

Entrances either at the top or bottom of Woodburn Drive, or from the Bing Lucas link tracks. There are good Woodburn Reserve signs now at the entrances to the walkway.

Other notes

Bicycles are allowed on this track. Fine on the main track but the link tracks to Bing Lucas Drive are STEEP - you will be walking the bicycle! Horses also permitted.




Double track


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