Three Skulls


Three Skulls


Akatarawa Forest, Wellington, New Zealand


Jungle track connecting the Cannon Point Walkway with Cannon Point Road.




Bike and Foot


This is a jungle track that provides an interesting diversion through the forest.

The top half of this track is fairly straightforward, if you like jungle tracks. At a sort-of clearing the track takes a sharp turn downhill – look for a small tree with a piece of beige coloured plastic attached to it. Thereafter the track goes feral, as it becomes much steeper and quite gnarly.

There is no formed surface as such. Instead, the track surface consists of a mix of leaves and large tree roots, with a little bit of mud. Many of the tree roots form steps, providing significant technical challenges. Just for fun, there's a rock/clay chute at the bottom – immediately before the track emerges onto Cannon Point Road.

Although this doesn't appear to be an official track, judging from the mountain bike tyre marks it seems to get a bit of traffic.

Getting there

Top is at the southwestern intersection of Valley View Road and Cannon Point Walkway.

Bottom is on Cannon Point Road, 0.15km from where the top of Cannon Point Road meets Valley View Road.

Other notes

The name "Three Skulls" comes from the nearby Three Skulls Road (otherwise known as Valley View Road), and also reflects the advanced nature of the track. Please let us know if the track is known by any other name.




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