Car Parts Extension


Car Parts Extension


Hawkins Hill, Wellington, New Zealand


Single track from the Brooklyn wind turbine to the entry to Long Gully Station.




Bike and Foot


This track is Stage One of a plan to build track from the Polhill wind turbine to just below the summit of Hawkins Hill. See Barking Emu for the development of Stage Two.

By sidling around the hills and valleys just below the Hawkins Hill Road, this track follows a meandering path with plenty of corners. The track surface is undulating, providing lots of variety. The track has an overall altitude loss of about 30 metres (when heading south).

There is a set of steep switchbacks at the northern end which will be replaced by a short connection with the section around the knob, as shown on the map.

A 0.35km long alternative route goes around the knob/ridge at the northern end and connects with Car Parts.

Getting there

Northern end is just below the Polhill wind turbine car park, at the top of Car Parts.

Southern end is at a saddle point opposite the entry to Long Gully Station, where Barking Emu will continue up towards Hawkins Hill.




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