Eastern Walkway


Eastern Walkway


Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand


One of the WCC Explore Wellington walkways across the eastern peninsula






The Eastern walkway extends between Seatoun and Tarakena Bay. The route shown begins at Tarakena Bay (car park for Ataturk memorial), heads north along the well signposted Eastern Walkway route across the hills to Pass of Branda, then down into Seatoun and back along the coast around Point Dorset and then follows the shoreline around Breaker Bay, Eve Bay, Flax Bay, Reef Bay, Palmer Bay, past the Wahine Memorial Park and back tothe carpark at Ataturk memorial. The walk is about 4 km in each direction, allow 2.5 to 3 hours if walking. Cycling is not allowed across the Eastern walkway, but you can cycle along the coast road.

The route includes several entry exit points - Bury Grove, Sidlaw Street, Signallers Grove and there are two entrances on Beacon Hill Road.

The walkway is well maintained with wooden steps in many places, but some spots can get muddy after heavy rain.

Point Dorset Point Dorset

Hole in rock on Breaker Bay side of Point Dorset Hole in rock

Little Blue Penguins come ashore at night around the Eastern Bays. Blue Penguin sign

Getting there

There are a number of entry and exit points as noted above, but the best car parks are at Ataturk memorial (Tarakena Bay near Wahine Memorial Park) or in Seatoun around Hector St.

Other notes

Bicycles not allowed on Eastern walkway over hills (but okay on coast road)




Double track


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