Big Tom's Wheelie


Big Tom's Wheelie


Makara Peak, Wellington, New Zealand


Short and gentle connection between Ridgeline Extension and Swigg.




Bike and Foot


This short connecting track is a natural progression off the end of Ridgeline Extension. The surface is firm, with just enough bumps to make it interesting, while the surrounding bush is pleasant.

After cruising along this gentle track, there are several options including:

continue down Swigg & Starfish to the main car park.

take Lazy Fern down to the main car park.

head back into the depths of the park via Sally Alley.

cruise on down to the Skills Area via Tower 19 Connector or Magic Carpet.

Be careful crossing Snake Charmer as you enter the start of this track – there can be vehicle traffic heading up/down the road.

Big Tom's Wheelie (0:00-0:30) / Swigg (0:31-2:05) / Starfish (2:06-end)

Big Tom's Wheelie (0:00-0:46) / Swigg (0:47-2:13) / Starfish (2:14-end)

Getting there

Continues from directly opposite the end of Ridgeline Extension.

Ends at an intersection with several other tracks, including Swigg, Lazy Fern, and Sally Alley.

Other notes

Strictly speaking Big Tom's Wheelie is part of Swigg, though it is often referred to as if it were a seperate track.




Single track

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