Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Convoluted pylon access route between Dry Creek and the Haywards substation.




Bike and Foot


This is a pylon access road that provides an interesting, though challenging, connection between the Dry Creek loop and the Haywards substation.

The climb in either direction is steep, though there's much more altitude to gain if travelling from east to west as much of the climb at the western end has already been incorporated into the Dry Creek track.

There are several side tracks, which are just short accessways to adjacent pylons (of which there are three separate lines). Most of the diversions are easy to ignore. However, if travelling from west to east you'll encounter a fork in the road where it is less obvious which way to go:

The right-hand fork descends steeply to a dead-end. It is just a pylon accessway and best avoided as the climb back up is very steep (ie. up to 25% gradient).

The left-hand fork also descends steeply, and looks directly at another pylon 150m away – go down that fork.

After continuing to descend steeply for a while, the track rolls along for almost a kilometre before the final descent to Haywards Hill Road.

Getting there

Western end branches off Dry Creek next to a pylon. If travelling around Dry Creek in a clockwise direction, then look for the second pylon next to the road and follow the obvious track that initially heads north.

Eastern end is on Haywards Hill Road (State Highway 58), directly opposite the Haywards substation. There's a nicely groomed section of gravel road that briefly runs parallel to the highway, climbing up a few metres to a steel barrier gate.





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