Ngaio, Wellington, New Zealand


Extreme bush-bashing for adventurers only (GPS needed)






There is an easy track leading up from the end of Silverstream road towards the hills, the lostworld track being visible on the hills above. The track is rough, with gorse on each side, and wet in places after rain. It seems to be used for bulldozer access to the new subdivisions on the hills in Crofton Downs. The walk up to the bulldozers is easy, and used by people walking dogs. The walk so far is fine, and a return along the same track is the way for most walkers. (I have bush-bashed up to the Skyline track from this point by the bulldozers. There is a ridge that can be followed, but it is tough going).


About 600 metres up the track past the old bulldozer in the gorse a track leads up to the right. This is not a maintained track, but is used by possum baiters and adventurers. It leads up eventually to the top of the hill overlooking Huntleigh Park way, and there is a good track from the top of the hill up to Crows Nest. Getting to the top of the hill is not easy. There are brambles, nettles, gorse and barberry. There are pink markers in places used by possum baiters, but the track gets lost towards the top of the hill, so make sure you have a GPS with the track or waypoints marked in it. It is tough, the gorse is high, it will be painful and blood may flow! Don't attempt this track unless you are properly equipped and confident. The uphill track is fairly easy to begin with, a grassy track amongst the bushes. As you get higher the gorse is thicker and track harder to distinguish - head for 174.760852,-41.248494 on the GPS, which will bring you to a flat grassy lookout/resting point.

Midway point

Good views over Crofton Downs and across to the lostworld walkway. There is a reasonable track from here further up through more gorse to join with the main track down from Crows Nest at 174.761447,-41.247795. From here you can go up to Crows Nest, veer left downhill through well defined tracks planned for new subdivisions (exit to Hunleigh Park Way or Heke St), or down right into Huntleigh Park Way bush area - the entrance is over a stile.


Although it is possible to do a round trip from Huntleigh Park way, once again I emphasize that this is a very tough walk and only for the experienced tramper who doesn't mind pushing through gorse.

Getting there

End of Silverstream Road, or from Huntleigh Park Way bush.

Other notes

Should only be attempted by experienced trampers. Make sure you have a GPS for navigation.




Single track


gain176m loss107m begin103m end172m

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