Oakleigh East


Oakleigh East


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Nice bush-clad stroll from Oakleight Street down into the Korokoro valley. Walking only.






From the Oakleigh Street car park this is initially a smooth, wide, and nearly flat track. However, it soon starts dropping down into the Korokoro Valley, getting progressively steeper as it descends. There is a short climb as you near the bottom, followed by the steepest section where the track turns into a series of steep and somewhat roughly hewn steps.

The valley itself is a pleasant setting, complete with gentle streams, mature bush, and plenty of birds for company. It's easy to forget that the valley is just a short distance from densely populated Lower Hutt.

At the bottom of the valley you'll meet the Korokoro Dam track. Turning left and wandering (mostly) down the valley will take you to the Korokoro dam after about 0.5km. Turning right, up the valley, is a fairly demanding climb up to the head of the valley – and then beyond to the Belmont Trig track.

Getting there

Southern end is on the eastern side of the Oakleigh Street car park.

Northern end meets Korokoro Dam near the bottom of the Korokoro Valley.




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