Korokoro Dam


Korokoro Dam


Belmont Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand


Pleasant, though fairly demanding, bush walk in the valley feeding the Korokoro dam up to the Belmont Trig track. Walking only.






This track wanders along the bush-clad valley the feeds the Korokoro dam. There are lots of steps and steep sections, hence this is one of the few tracks in the Belmont Regional Park that is closed to bikes.

Given that the Korokoro Valley is the main catchment for the dam, it isn't surprising that there are several creek crossings along the way. Some, though not all, creek crossings are bridged – one crossing in particular has a newly constructed foot bridge. Just north of the halfway point there is a section of track that coincides with a creek for a few metres, so expect to get wet and muddy feet after rain.

Most of the track has a moderate gradient. But towards the northern end you'll encounter a series of steps and steep switchbacks at the head of the valley. Much of the track in this area has a gradient of 40%+, making for an energetic climb or a somewhat tentative descent. Some of the slopes are so steep that they are difficult to walk down without slipping, even though they have a firm gravel surface.

About 0.4km from the top you'll emerge from the bush into more open farm land. The track's gradient becomes somewhat flatter, though continues to climb up to meet the Belmont Trig track.

Getting there

Southern end heads up the Korokoro Valley above the dam – past the "No cyclists" sign and wooden barrier.

Northern end branches off Belmont Trig, about 0.8km up from its Stratton Street end.




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