Lazy Fern


Lazy Fern


Makara Peak, Wellington, New Zealand


The final section of single track that makes up the 'easy' loop from the car park. Downhill only.




Bike and Foot


This is the down hill part of Makara Peak's "easy" loop – the up hill section being Koru. The track has a gentle gradient, generous width, playful bumps, and sweeping corners.

The design caters for a wide variety of riders, ranging from those looking to cruise quietly down the hill through to the thrill seekers looking for a fast and flowing descent. If you're in the latter group, beware that several of the otherwise easy features of this track can present more of a challenge when taken at speed.

Near the bottom of this track, just as you emerge from the bush, either turn sharply right along Koru and go around for another circuit, or continue straight down the hill to return to the main car park.

A video of the trail taken in 2009:

A video of the trail taken in April 2010:

Getting there

The entrance to Lazy Fern is across the 4wd from the exit of Koru/start of Sally Alley, next to the start of the more difficult Swigg.

Ends at the northern end of the main car park.




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