Gully Track


Gully Track


Codgers MTB Park, Nelson, New Zealand


A technical singletrack crossing a creek in several places with plenty of variation.


Advanced - Slippery and wet after rain




Once used for a national event, this track was resurrected and is a technical singletrack alongside and crossing the creek in several places. There is a lot of variation in this track, with plenty to trip you up if you aren't on your toes. Not recomended for beginners. At the top you drop down and across the creek, before switching back and crossing the creek a second time. A narrow winding section follows before another deceptive drop through the creek, beware of the two options here, best to make your mind up fast! Following this is a small jump across a drainage ditch, then a single board bridge back across the creek. At this point there is a small drop into a gap between a rock and a hard place before followng the creek back down through a leafy section. A dip to the left followed by a good dose of bumpy roots before you are suddenly greeted without warning with a very short sharp pinch around a corner. If you are in the wrong gear and going to slow at this point you will get bitten! An easy drop follows and a bit of mud before going over a cattle grid, a couple of jumps and out. Much loved and fun track.

Getting there

Ride up Old Codgers Track to the pipeline track, and instead of turning into the pipeline, throw your bike over the gate to the right and the track is just past the gate on the right. Alternatively ride up the road to the same point.




Single track


gain0m loss79m begin130m end51m

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