Waimakariri River SW


Waimakariri River SW


McLeans Island, Christchurch, New Zealand


A ride along the stopbanks of the Waimakariri. Completly flat and usually quiet.




Bike and Foot


There is a high road, and a low road, that follows the banks of the Waimakariri river from McLeans Island all the way down to the motorway beidge. Sadly, you can't ride under the bridge to carry on to the coast. This is an easy ride on rocky ground, so is a good training ride, day or night, and can be used to take the 'back roads' to the McLeans Island track.

Getting there

From the city, head behind the airport down McLeans Island Road. You'll take a right, then a left, and see a small hump in the road (stopbank) with a dirt carpark to the right. Stop there and begin your trek. Or, you can start at the other end, however, access is more complicated.

Other notes

There is a motorbike/quadbike area down by the river (about 2km from McLeans Island Rd) so keep and eye and an ear out for the occasional hoon over the stopbank. Usually not a problem.




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