Snake Charmer


Snake Charmer (Makara Traverse)


Makara Peak, Wellington, New Zealand


St Albans Ave to summit and then down to Makara Hill Road.




Bike and Foot


This is the main access road through the Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park. It traverses much of the park's length, providing access to the summit and various side roads (most of which lead to power pylons).

The road surface is a combination of loose gravel and smooth rock, with an occasional rut thrown in. Beware of the smooth rocky bits, as they can be extremely slippery – especially when wet.

Parts of the road are steep, so this certainly isn't an easy option for climbing to the summit. Arguably better options are:

From the north, Varley's and Zac's Track.

From the south, Missing Link and Aratihi.

Many people descend from the summit via this road rather than going down the advanced-level Ridgeline track. Once the North Face is completed it will provide an intermediate route down from the summit.

Down Snake Charmer from the summit (last few seconds are Tower 19 Connector)

Getting there

Northern end is on Makara Hill Road.

Southern end is at the end of St. Albans Avenue.

Other notes

This access road is frequently used by vehicles, which may be present at any time. Therefore, keep left and watch out for vehicles on the many blind corners.





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