Hira Forest, Nelson, New Zealand


Technical descent through native forest with some pretty wicked switchbacks and a log ride!


Advanced - Rocks, Roots and Switchbacks


Bike and Foot - Weekend Only - Permit Required


This track is a Shared Access track with walkers, so always be aware that you may come across a walker on the way up.

The Track itself is best described as a technical singletrack that starts off with a few good switchbacks, runs down through a rocky creek bed, and then more native singletrack, before a final run out back to the road.

Getting there

There are a couple of ways to get to this track.

The easiest way is via Sharlands Road. From the forest entrance about 4km up the Maitai Valley Road, ride up until you see a road to the left called Sharlands Road. Ride 4.5km up this road until you come across a road to the left called Bobs Fern Road. Turn left into Bobs Fern Road, and carry on up for a couple of hundred meters, taking the track that dips down to the left along the river. Ride up this trail for a 1km or so until you find a sign off to the left indicating the track.

The other access is from the bottom of Sharlands road, up the steep Kaka Road, and along the ridge to the right up to the lookout. the track down from the lookout joins onto Supplejack.




Single track


gain0m loss275m begin386m end111m

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