Chings Highway


Chings Highway


Hira Forest, Nelson, New Zealand


Part of a series of trails built by the Nelson Mountain Bike club called "The Tuckers Trails"


Intermediate - A couple of steep decents


Bike - Weekend Only - Permit Required


A fairly long peice of Cross Country singletrack following the valley contour through young pines back down to the bottom of the valley. Involves some fun fast firebreak to start with, quite a few pinch climbs along the way, and a good chance of running into a pig or two. A lot better way down the valley than the road!

Getting there

Access is via Sharlands Road. From the forest enterance about 4km up the Maitai Valley Road, ride up until you see a road to the left called Sharland Road. Ride 6.5km up this road, making sure you DO NOT turn off at either of the Bob Fern Road signs. Carry on up until you come to a huge skidder site. from here head over to the south side of the skidder site and look for the start of the trail at the left hand side of the base of the little hill. Ride down the firebreak for about 1km and then watch carefully for the VERY TIGHT turn to the left onto the track propper. if you end up back on the road you have gone too far! Also ensure you watch for the track splitting near the bottom. turn left if you want to ride the extention, right if you have had enough.




Single track


gain30m loss370m begin400m end30m Mainly downhill but with several short uphill sections and pinches

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