Groundeffect Slingshot


Groundeffect Slingshot


Hira Forest, Nelson, New Zealand


Part of a series of trails built by the Nelosn Mountain Bike Club called "The Tuckers Trails"


Advanced - Rocky and narrow in places


Bike - Weekend access only - Permit required


A short technical trail at the very head of the valley. Requires a very steep 200m climb up from the road to get to the start. Sometimes you wonder if its worth the effort, until you reach the bottom again!

Getting there

Access is via Sharlands road and Bobs Fern Road. From the forest enterance about 4km up the Maitai Valley Road, ride up until you see a road to the left called Sharland Road. Ride 5.5km up this road, making sure you DO NOT turn off at the first Bob Fern Road sign, and carry on up to the second one. Here turn left into Bobs Fern Road and ride all the way to the top. At the top you will find a big clear area and the road turns around the head of the valley and start to head back toward town. At this point you need to climb up the fenceline to the trig at the top, looking for the track entrance, just before the top on the left.




Single track


gain58m loss58m begin500m end442m If you include the climb up from the road you end where you begin

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