Red Rocks


Red Rocks


Hawkins Hill, Wellington, New Zealand


Rocky downhill along cliff tops with huge sea views.




Bike and Foot


This is an old school track that started life as a steep 4wd road and is slowly degenerating into challenging single track. Starting from a good altitude, the track more-or-less follows a ridge down to the sea. Along the way there are huge views over Cook Strait, though parts of the track are technically challenging so don't get too distracted by the views.

Although the direction is generally down, there are a few short, steep climbs thrown in for variety. Some of the down hill sections are very steep and prone to developing deep ruts.

The centrepiece of this track is a treacherous scree slope that plummets down to the gate at the bottom. Successfully riding this continually changing section, with its loose rocks and epic ruts, is quite a challenge.

In late 2010 a new section of track was added to bypass the scree slope bottom section. This new section starts at a saddle point about 0.5km down hill of the Waipapa Loop. It meanders down the Waipapa Stream valley, initially via a series of switchbacks. For the brave, there's also a direct line straight down the valley; including a gap jump over one section of track. At the bottom of the valley the track crosses the stream twice – the first crossing has a bridge, while the second does not (but it is easy to cross anyway). Immediately before the second creek crossing the track drops down a few large stone steps, designed to keep motorbikes out of the area, so watch out for that as you'll probably need to dismount and carry your bike.

It is actually possible to ride up this track, especially if taking the deviation through the Waipapa Stream valley, though most people proceed in a down hill direction.

Getting there

Top is 0.3km from the top of the Tip Track, at an altitude of 412m.

Bottom is on Pariwhero, at essentially sea level.

Other notes

This track is named after the iconic red coloured pillow lava rocks along the foreshore. The rocks, which were formed by undersea volcanic eruptions, contain a small amount of iron oxide giving them their distinctive red colour.






gain106m loss511m begin412m end5m (when going down)

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