Scientific Reserve


Scientific Reserve


Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand


Walk around and through Waikanae bird reserve




Bike and Foot


This is a walk along the beach and through some of the tracks through the bird reserve. Cycling is permitted, but it is easier along the beach on foot. The tracks through the reserve are fine for cycling. Many people walk dogs in this area - if you do, note that it is a bird reserve so please don't let your dogs eat the birds!

The route shown is a loop from the north end of the reserve by the river mouth, along the beach, out of the reserve and up Manly St, and then back through the reserve to the main track near Hana Udy Place. There are many other tracks through the reserve. The route shown is designed to link up with the adjacent tracks.

Getting there

If you are driving, good places to park are near the main entrances on Manly Street, or at the end of Takahe Drive. Beach access is provided by the main track on Manly St near Nuhaka Place.




Single track

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