Waikanae Estuary


Waikanae Estuary


Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand


Easy track around Waikanae river mouth




Bike and Foot


Wide track suitable for both walking and cycling. It is a popular area for cycling, and you can follow adjacent tracks up either bank of the Waikanae river.

You need to go on the road between Otaihanga domain and entering the Scientific Reserve. There is a clearly marked walking/cycling track as you exit Makora Rd and cross Otaihanga Road. New planting on each side of this track which emerged into an area of vacant sections (Petrel Close, Hana Udy Place). The roads are quiet and signs do show the Kapiti cycling route. You enter the Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve off Hana Udy Place. This is a wide 4WD track down to the beach meeting up again with the river. There are many other tracks through the bird reserve.

The track is flat across the entire length, and you can cycle across the footbridge. In summer you can walk across the river under the footbridge - the water isn't very deep.

A new track is almost complete (May 2012) which goes across the middle of the reserve from gates at the fenceline at the end of Takahe Drive, across the main north-south track (you can exit at Hana Udy Place), and across a small bridge to the carpark by the river at the end of Otaihanga Road and up to Otaihanga domain. This is a good solid gravel track, is flat, and should be cyclable when open.

Getting there

There is a good carpark on the Waikanae side of the estuary at the end of Tutere St, and this is a good place to begin. Another good spot is Otaihanga domain beside the footbridge across the river, off Makora Rd in Otaihanga.




Double track

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