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Two-way mostly sidling track that connects Nevay Road with the Jail Brake DH run. About 50m into the bush from the Nevay end is the junction which connects to the top of Conviction




Bike and Foot (Work in progress)


From Nevay Road head down from the road about 20m then sidle along the new (2010) section built by Grant Perry. That joins to Boot Leg proper where you can take a tight turn to the left to head down Bootleg and then Conviction or continue on up Bootleg as normal.

From the top of Conviction (by the sign) continue along the single track and cross the board walk bridge – this section of track bypasses the old, and very steep, farm track that continues straight up the hill from the creek. You'll cross this old farm track again further up the hill.

After about 0.1km the track turns west and sidles across the hill just within the boundary of the reserve. You will see the new Nevay entrance joining from your right. After a while the track emerges on to a grassy opening with a view of Evan's Bay. Loop around to the left and you will see the entrance to the rest of the track that continues on to the Prison Entrance and to Jail Brake.

This is a 2 way track so expect to see people coming the other way and please don't shuttle on it.

Getting there

The eastern end is on Nevay Road, just up hill of the last bus shelter before the prison.

The western end is to the right of the prison sign on Main Road, just outside where the road to the water tanks is obstructed by several concrete blocks. Head towards the water tanks to find the top of Jail Brake.

Other notes

These tracks are two way and shared use, for bikes they are primarily intended for climbing as part of a loop with Jail Brake (our DH track). Please do not ride downhill at speed, the corners are not made for it so you will brake heavily and skid. That is not good. Also, these are dual use tracks, expect walkers and remember to give way to uphill riders and all walkers. These two tracks were built by mountain bikers but walkers have priority as with all tracks in Wellington unless otherwise designated. Also, do not shuttle these tracks, big bikes should stick to Jail Brake.




Single track


gain22m loss26m begin119m end115m

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