Tawa Dirt Park


Tawa Dirt Park


Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand


A dual line BMX - 4X track with 6ft dirt jumps and skills area (under construction)


Beginner- Able to be ridden by a beginner (3yo) through to an advanced rider.


Under construction- Off Duncan Street beside the Tawa train station over bridge.


The 30yo BMX Track has been resurrected with a new project aiming to create a dirt park open for a wide range of riders and skill level. At present the dual line BMX track runs down off Duncan street into a rolling 1/2ft step down followed by a split 1/2ft step up table top into a dual line right hand burm. Pedaling into the back straight consisting of a 1ft double into a 3ft table top followed by a 4ft split step down table top into a right hand burm. A couple cranks to finish into a triple set of 1ft doubles and a short 10m push back upto the start. The 6ft dirt jumps are well under way, 2 1/2 complete out of a proposed set of 4 so is definately a project in progress but hope to have them finished when it's a little drier. This vision is being overseen by Tawa Off Road Riders Club (TORRC)in conjunction with Wellington City Council (WCC)

Getting there

Head to Tawa on SH1 or by Train. If driving from the south: Turn left at the Tawa offramp and follow the Main Road until turning right at the Tawa Street roundabout (BP Station on your right) Head down Tawa street, across the train tracks at Redwood train station then up on to Duncan Street turning left at the Duncan Street roundabout. Keep heading north until you get to the Tawa Train station on your left. The dirt park is below you on your left. If driving from the north: Exit at the Porirua offramp at the Mungavin Interchange, turn right at the interchange and go over the bridge, turn left onto Kenepuru Drive at the Titahi Bay Road/Walton Leigh Avenue/Kenepuru Drive roundabout. Follow Kenepuru Drive onto Main road Tawa until you turn left at McLennan Street and drive across a short bridge. Then turn right at the roundabout onto Duncan street and keep heading south untill you get to the Tawa Train station on your right. The dirt park is below you on your Right. Good angle parking available. If coming by train: Jump on a train to get you to Tawa, get off at the Tawa train station and access is off Duncan Street via the Tawa train station overbridge.

Other notes

The locals are keen to make this a decent dirt park appealing to riders of different skill level and bike preference whether it be BMX, DJ or a full sus park beast.




Double track


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