Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand


Two-way track designed primarily as an uphill route connecting with Bootleg.




Bike and Foot


This is the main uphill route through the reserve – though this is a two-way track, so watch out for people in either direction. The track winds its way up the hill, deviating from an old farm track in a couple of places so as to maintain a moderate gradient.

The track surface is mostly firm dirt, with some rock armoring in places. Some sections seem to be prone to being a little boggy, which is to be expected from a new track that is still under development.

About two-thirds of the way up there is a short connection up to a lookout on a ridge. The views are mainly towards the southwest, in the general direction of the airport.

Getting there

For the uphill, enter from Bottom (southern) end is on the grassy area at the apex of Darlington Road.

Top (northern) end is most of the way up the hill, at an intersection with Bootleg.

Other notes

These tracks are two way and shared use, for bikes they are primarily intended for climbing as part of a loop with Jail Brake (our DH track). Please do not ride downhill at speed, the corners are not made for it so you will brake heavily and skid. That is not good. Also, these are dual use tracks, expect walkers and remember to give way to uphill riders and all walkers. These two tracks were built by mountain bikers but walkers have priority as with all tracks in Wellington unless otherwise designated. Also, do not shuttle these tracks, big bikes should stick to Jail Brake.




Single track


gain123m loss41m begin36m end124m

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