Southern Suburbs, Wellington, New Zealand


Connection to Manchester Street to Coromandel Street, with an alternative connection to Owen Street.




Bike and Foot


From the Manchester Street end, climb up through the mature pine forest to an open, grassy area. Swerve around the hill to the right, where there is a short track through the long grass that drops down to a gravel road. To the west there is a short access road, past the Workingmen's Bowling Club, to Owen Street. The main track continues up the gravel road, initially to the east and then turning northwards.

At the highest point on the gravel road, there is an intersection with Southern Truby King and Truby King Midline. Turn left down the sealed path, then zigzag your way down to Coromandel Street – watching out for a couple of short flights of steps mixed in with the sections of steep sloping footpath.

Getting there

Southern end is on Manchester Street, opposite a spur of Wellington Zoo.

Northern end is at the end of Coromandel Street, at the base of a set of concrete switchback slopes and steps.

Other notes

This track is part of the Southern Walkway, though it runs parallel to the nearby Southern Truby King which is also confusingly marked as being part of the Southern Walkway.

Note that all of the Southern Walkway, which traverses the eastern town belt from Houghton Bay to Oriental Bay, is open to bikes except for the northern-most section from Palliser Road to Oriental Bay.




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