Newtown Park


Newtown Park


Southern Suburbs, Wellington, New Zealand


Connection from Southern Walkway to Newtown Park.


Intermediate with Advanced sections.


Bike and Foot


This track consists of three distinct parts:

The main track starts from the hairpin bend on Melrose Park and heads initially east and then north to end near Newtown Park. About 50m southwest of the Melrose Park end is a Y-intersection; the left-hand (southern-most) branch is the spur of Mt Albert Park, while the other branch is the continuation of this track.

From the Melrose Park hairpin an alternative steep and rocky shortcut drops down the zoo's fenceline, rejoining the main track after less than 50m.

Also meeting the main track just a few metres west of the bottom of the zoo fenceline shortcut is an advanced section of track that drops down from a busy intersection with Western Slopes and other tracks. The top of this section is initially tame, but soon turns into a short though extremely steep and technical bit of single track.

Getting there

Northern end is on the access road to Newtown Park, at the eastern end of a low wooden fence.

Southeastern end is in a clearing at an intersection with Western Slopes (where its shortcut drops down to meet Melrose Park), and Mt Albert Park.




Single track

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