Melrose Park


Melrose Park


Southern Suburbs, Wellington, New Zealand


Part of the Southern Walkway through Melrose Park.




Bike and Foot


The southern half of this track wanders under the trees down a rocky and root infested path. At a hairpin bend, it then descends a set of steps along the southern boundary fence of Wellington Zoo, above the baboon enclosure. The steps are well spaced and have a gap along the side so that they can be fairly easily ridden down and, if you're keen, perhaps also ridden up.

At the bottom of the steps is Melrose Park, which is often used for sporting fixtures – especially on the weekend – so you might have to skirt around the edge of the park.

Getting there

Southern end is at a busy intersection with Mt Albert Ridgeline (and its more difficult shortcut), Western Slopes, and Hornsey.

Northern end is at the end of Sutherland Crescent, at the entrance to Melrose Park.

Other notes

This track is part of the Southern Walkway. All of the Southern Walkway, which traverses the town belt from Houghton Bay to Oriental Bay, is open to bikes except for the northern-most section from Palliser Road to Oriental Bay.




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