Western Slopes


Western Slopes


Southern Suburbs, Wellington, New Zealand


Part of the Southern Walkway around the western slopes of Mount Albert.




Bike and Foot


This is the main track through Mount Albert. From Mount Albert Road it climbs up to a saddle point just below Mt Albert summit, then sidles around the western slopes of the hill.

In an open grassy clearing there is a shortcut that continues straight ahead down the hill and under the trees to meet Melrose Park. The clearing also marks the top of Mt Albert Park and an advanced section of Newtown Park. Meanwhile, the main track continues around to the east where, 0.15km later, it meets the upper end of Melrose Park and other tracks.

Getting there

Southern end is on Mount Albert Road, 0.2km northwest of Buckley Road.

Northern end is at a busy intersection with Mt Albert Ridgeline (and its more difficult shortcut), Melrose Park, and Hornsey.

Other notes

This track is part of the Southern Walkway. All of the Southern Walkway, which traverses the town belt from Houghton Bay to Oriental Bay, is open to bikes except for the northern-most section from Palliser Road to Oriental Bay.




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