Mt Albert Ridgeline


Mt Albert Ridgeline


Southern Suburbs, Wellington, New Zealand


Wide track along the ridgeline of Mount Albert.


Intermediate with Advanced single track section


Bike and Foot


The southern end of this track is fairly tame. From the top of the ridgeline there are sweeping views of the surrounding suburbs and towards Lyall Bay, making this a worthwhile diversion from Western Slopes or Hornsey.

The northern end is more challenging, with a couple of alternative routes. The western route is wide and fairly steep. At the top of this climb, next to a survey mark, is a narrow, rutted, and rocky piece of single track that is much steeper and somewhat tricky (especially when wet, as the rocks are quite slippery).

An alternative exit from the summit is just south of the survey mark, down a spur of Hornsey.

Getting there

Southern end branches off Western Slopes, next to a large water tank.

Northern end is at a busy intersection with Western Slopes, Melrose Park, and Hornsey.




Double track

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