Missing Link


Missing Link


Makara Peak, Wellington, New Zealand


Connection between Sally Alley and Aratihi.




Bike and Foot


This is an especially important track in the Makara Peak network, as it links the lower tracks (particularly Koru and Sally Alley) to Aratihi, Leaping Lizard, Possum Bait Line, and Nikau Valley.

Heading west from Tower 18 Connector, at the end of Sally Alley, the track drops down into a deep and dark valley. At the first hairpin bend there is a bench seat perfectly positioned to admire the inspiring view.

After descending for a while, you'll pass the top of Nikau Valley which is between two bridged creek crossings. Then there's a zigzag climb up to the bottom of Tower 16 Connector, with the bottom of Aratihi nearby.

The track is narrow all the way, with a rocky surface in many places – including a mean rock cutting that has a steep and off-camber exit. In several places there are nasty drop-offs that you probably don't want to explore under the direct influence of gravity.

Downhill section of Missing link, to top of Nikau Valley

Getting there

Western end is on the Tower 18 Connector, opposite the end of Sally Alley.

Eastern end is at the bottom of the Tower 16 Connector. There's a bench seat at the end of the track, with a lovely view of the pylon.

Other notes

This is a two-way track, though most traffic is east to west. There are many blind corners, so watch out for other track users at all times.




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