Mount Climie


Mount Climie


Pakuratahi Forest, Wellington, New Zealand


Steep access road for a cluster of communications towers on and around the summit of Mount Climie.




Bike and Foot


If you're looking for some hill work, then Mount Climie is aptly named. This gravel access road provides an almost relentless grind up 610m of altitude gain over 4.4km, for an average gradient on 14% â€" though some sections are more like 20%. There are only a couple of brief flatish and slightly down sections to provide relief from the climb. Then, when you think you've reached the top, there is another 50m of climbing to reach Mount Climie itself.

Some 0.75km from the start, there is a track that branches off at a sign-posted intersection. That is the southern end of Plateau Ridge. A further 0.35km up the hill is one end of the walking-only Tanes Track.

While climbing you'll get an occasional glimpse through the trees out over the Hutt Valley, giving an impression of the altitude being gained. As you climb up the road you might observe, through your oxygen-derived haze, that the predominant vegetation changes.

Near the top, the track rolls along the ridge past several communication towers before a short descent and final climb to the fenced communication tower enclosure at the end of the road. Walk around the fence for stunning views out over the Hutt and the Wairarapa. Beyond the fence there is a 0.2km section of single track through the moss and snow tussock to a knoll that looks towards the south, including views of Wellington Harbour in the distance. Looking towards the west, Mana Island is visible 30km away through a gap in the hills.

The descent is great fun. At no point is peddling required, as you can roll through the slight up hill bits, though a brake check before starting would be prudent. good music

Getting there

Starts from the upper car park of the Tunnel Gully Recreational Area, at a sign-posted white metal gate.

Ends at a communications tower enclosure at the summit of Mount Climie. Return the same way.

Other notes

From North Climie there is a route that follows the power line down to the west into the Mangaroa Forest. The initial part of the route is very steep and not suitable for cyclists. Note that as of March 2009 there was logging activity in the Mangaroa Forest (seems okay as at January 2012).




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